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Volvo, a globally renowned Swedish automotive manufacturer, is synonymous with safety, reliability, and Scandinavian design. The company was founded in 1927 by Gustav Larson and Assar Gabrielsson with a vision of producing safe, high-quality vehicles suitable for the harsh Swedish climate.

In Latin, "Volvo" translates to "I roll", aptly symbolizing the company's progression. Volvo Cars started with the production of the OV4 model, also known as "Jakob". As early as the 1940s, Volvo emphasized safety features, including laminated glass and padded dashboards.

The Volvo PV444, launched in 1944, was a landmark model, bringing luxury features to a broader market. The company's dedication to safety innovation was further demonstrated in 1959 with the introduction of the three-point safety belt, an invention by Volvo's engineer Nils Bohlin, which became standard across the industry.

Over the years, Volvo has introduced several successful models such as the P1800, 240, and 740. The 1990s saw the launch of Volvo's first SUV, the XC90, which became a significant success and a vital part of Volvo's lineup. Read more


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