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Chevrolet Celta, also known as Suzuki Fun in Argentina or Chevrolet Corsa in some markets, emerged as a compact car designed by General Motors for emerging markets. Produced from 2000 to 2016, the Celta showcased an affordable option for consumers in countries like Brazil and Argentina. Its compact design, combined with efficient fuel economy and reliable performance, made it a popular choice among the budget-conscious consumers.

The Chevrolet Celta was typically powered by a choice of two petrol engines: a 1.0L and a 1.4L inline-four engine. These engines were known for their fuel efficiency and reliability rather than high performance. The smaller 1.0L engine was especially favored in markets like Brazil for its fuel economy and lower tax bracket, while the 1.4L engine offered a bit more power for a lively driving experience.

The Celta was a compact hatchback with a simple yet practical design. Its small dimensions made it highly maneuverable in crowded urban environments, while the interior, though basic, provided necessary comfort for daily commutes. Read more

Fuel consumption
Acceleration to 100 km/h
от 38500 USD

Average price at auction of an Chevrolet Celta

Generations Chevrolet Celta

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1st generation
1st generation
2000 - 2015Hatchback
5.5 l
15.5 sec
100 - 500 USD

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