Mazda 1000

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The Mazda 1000 was an economical and reliable car, popular among drivers who desired a vehicle with exceptional performance characteristics. It had a four-cylinder engine and came equipped with an AM radio as standard equipment. The interior featured comfortable seating for five passengers and the exterior had sleek styling that made it stand out from the crowd.

The 1.0L engine provided plenty of power for everyday driving, reaching up to 85 mph when pushed. It also had excellent fuel economy ratings, with estimates ranging between 25 and 30 miles per gallon. In addition, the car was fitted with a three-speed manual transmission that gave drivers precise control over their speed and acceleration.

The Mazda 1000 was well-received by critics and customers alike, earning praise for its good looks, comfortable ride, and reliable performance. When it first hit the market in 1964, the car sold more than a million units globally. It continued to be popular throughout its production run until 1972 when it was replaced by the Mazda 808.

Overall, the Mazda 1000 was an immensely successful car that proved to be reliable, affordable and well-liked by drivers. Read more

Fuel consumption
Acceleration to 100 km/h
от 38500 USD

Average price at auction of an Mazda 1000

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1st generation
1st generation
1964 - 1972Sedan
100 - 500 USD

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