Mazda CX-7

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The CX-7, which was based on the MX-Crossport concept, is a midsize crossover that combines SUV capabilities with the agility of a sporty car, resulting in an enjoyable ride. The exterior design features styling cues reminiscent of the RX-8, such as the prominent front fenders and the Mazda-specific five-pointed grille.

The CX-7 has a distinctive instrument panel with a "double-roof" design in its cabin. The controls are sensibly placed and the materials used are of good quality. It is spacious enough for both front and rear passengers to travel comfortably on longer trips.

The CX-7 used a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine to produce 244 hp and 258 lb.-ft of torque, available even at lower rpm. It could be paired with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. However, the engine had high fuel consumption.

Safety features included ABS, Dynamic Stability Control, and Traction Control, and it offered both front-wheel and Mazda's Active Torque-Split All-wheel-drive system.

Buyers looking for adequate storage space for their luggage, especially during vacations, were pleased with the size of the trunk. Read more

Fuel consumption
Acceleration to 100 km/h
от 38500 USD

Average price at auction of an Mazda CX-7

Generations Mazda CX-7

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Fuel consumption
Acceleration to 100
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1st generation
1st generation
2006 - 2012Off-road vehicle
9.8 l
8.2 sec
100 - 500 USD

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